Machining Services

I represent a number of machine shops and always put my clients together with the best match in terms of capabilities, lead times, price targets.

Swiss Type Machining – High precision fabrication of complex components with the ability to hold extremely tight tolerances.

EDM – Wire, Sinker / Plunge / RAM, Hole Popping / EDM Drilling

Two through Six Axis Machining – Standard 2 axis lathes, multi-axis mills to State of the Art 5 and 6 axis machining centers

Laser Cutting / Laser Welding

Laser Marking

Laser cut stents
Machine 2
Complex micro machining
Cannulated screws
Machine 4
Complex micro machining
Machine 5
Complex machined assemblies
Machine 6
Multi-axis turning and milling
Femoral nails
Femoral rods
Orthopedic plates
Orthopedic screws
Poly-axial pedicle screws