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Steve Thornton - Thornton Medical

I founded Thornton Medical in 2011 to leverage two decades of industry experience, along with my engineering background to deliver:

  • the optimal manufacturing solution for your needs
  • value through technical assistance and cost effective manufacturing processes
  • exceptional customer service

The seven years I spent in surgical sales gave me a deep understanding of what my clients expect from a vendor. My goal is to help engineers, project managers and supply chain managers succeed at every project stage while partnering with a contract manufacturer.

I have spent the past 20 years in contract manufacturing and have developed solid knowledge manufacturing medical components and sub-assemblies:

  • titanium metal injection molding (MIM) including Ti implant grade materials
  • diffusion bonding titanium to ceramics eliminating the need for brazing
  • precision machining: polymer or metal alloy selection, Swiss turning, EDM (hole popping, wire EDM, sinker EDM), laser cutting / welding / marking, CNC milling, multi-axis grinding, gun drilling
  • finishing processes such as heat treatment, anodizing, electropolishing, passivation, plating, grit/micro/bead blasting, tumbling, coating, pad printing
  • precision metal tubing: alloy selection, thin wall & cannulated bar, design parameters, forming, bending, machining, welding, laser marking
  • precision polymer tubing: complex extrusions, reinforced braided / coil sheaths, tipping, steerable sheaths, multi durometer sheaths
  • molding and insert molding
  • catheter components and assemblies: guidewires, coils, ground cores, compliant & non-compliant balloons, marker bands, attachment methods
  • stamping and deep drawing: progressive stamping, deep drawing difficult alloys such as Titanium
  • design for manufacturability / design for manufacturing / DFM

I mostly represent companies with unique capabilities that help give my customers an edge in their market. All share my philosophy of problem solving and delivering consistent quality on time.  Even if I do not represent a company that fits your needs, I would be happy to discuss them with you and suggest companies that can meet your requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me; I am at your service.



Braided Sheaths



Deep Drawing

Design for Manufacturability

Diffusion Bonding




Grinding – Wire / Tubing


Gun Drilling

Insert Molding

Laser Cutting

Laser Marking

Laser Welding


Titanium Metal Injection Molding


Multi-Axis Grinding

RF Tipping


Stainless Steel Tubing


Steerable Catheter Sheaths


Swiss Turning

Tubular Assemblies

Steve Thornton can be reached at 760-758-4302 or by email: